Poodle pretending to drive becomes embarrassed when photo taken

Poodle Night Driver

Thanks for the submission Samantha!

In the Driver’s Seat

Thanks for your submission, Briar-Rose!

Figaro Driving us to School

Sent in by figgie vv

This Bull dog was parked next to me at Target in Bethel, CT.

Thanks for the submission, Pat.

Dogs doing donuts in the snow

Just my dog, doing his favorite thing.

dog is driving

dog driving

dog driving

Thanks to nikiu from Reddit!

Pinky is Driving

Poodle Car Accident

Once again, proof that poodles really are bad drivers.

Poodles can’t park vans in Germany

Thanks Steph!

Bad to the bone and chasin’ tail

Thanks BuellRdr, for our first motorcycle submission!

Everyone Knows That Poodles Are Bad Drivers

A poodle driving in a Bud Light commercial.

Doids.com is a website with pictures and videos of dogs driving cars. Doids stands for "Dogs Only in the Driver's Seat." We love dogs here at doids, and we love letting our dogs drive our cars. Yes, believe it or not, dogs really can drive. Put your dog behind the wheel and you will see. How can this be?!

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